First Cut - The Inter-collegiate Entrepreneurship Competition

The modern day Naga youth is well-informed about the world and has acquired skills to keep pace with it. Many young Nagas today are seeking careers that mean something to them and truly interest them. They are becoming entrepreneurs in their fields of interest whether it is taking their love of food to the next level by opening a restaurant or capitalizing on their passion for crafting jewelry by starting their own exotic jewelry brand. Having seen the growth of this new breed of youngsters the past few years, Youthnet decided to do their best to support such young dreams by working with students at the college level.


This activity-based competition will give an opportunity to students to come up with their ideas within a stipulated time period. The primary objective is to educate the students about opportunities in the private sector while giving them a taste of the challenges that ground realities pose.


As teams battle it out on the streets of Nagaland selling their goods we will be posting their sales figures for the day on this page for public view. Please note that revenues alone do not decide who the winner of the competition will be. We will be looking at other parameters such as Scalability of Idea, Operations and Logistics Management, Academic Balance etc.

Important Dates

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Chief Mentor - The Entrepreneur


Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar is a Member of Parliament (RS) and an Entrepreneur


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