Livelihood Projects

Pig Farming


- To increase the supply of hygienic and healthy local pork in the market

- To help local pig farmers scale up and increase production to meet market demand

- To facilitate the creation of a healthy and sustainable piggery ecosystem

In Brief
After identifying 15 of the biggest farms around Dimapur district, the farmers were trained in scientific, modern and efficient approaches to pig-rearing. The training also included basic business skills upgradation. The resource persons were experts in animal husbandry from the Veterinary Department, ICAR and others from the industry. There is also an ongoing effort to impact the industry at a macro level by involving all stakeholders and creating an ecosystem.

Bamboo basket-weaving


- To create an alternative source of income for people in a nearby village

- To meet a local tea company's order of bamboo baskets for packaging

- To create a link between the chosen village and the local tea company

In brief

With the help of Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency, several people from the rural areas of Peren district were trained to weave bamboo baskets. The order was successfully completed by October 2014.



- To identify performing carpentry units and assist in upscaling them in order to generate employment

- To create market linkages and networks

In brief

With the help of Zynorique Initiatives, a leading architecture firm in Nagaland, a series of workshops were conducted to train existing craftsmen on modern techniques of woodworking. A database of certified craftsmen has been created. Performing units have been chosen to train youth who can then be employed in these units. The general public is welcome to use the database by getting in touch with us.


Kenlowa Handloom Unit, Kandinu, Kohima District is working with us to train rural people from nearby areas. The unit is also being assisted to weave marketable products.

Ntuma Raja Mircha Project

As part of its efforts to facilitate the creation of market linkages, Youthnet is in the process of helping the Ntuma Young Farmers Association form Ntuma Village, Peren District, Nagaland, to connect with businesses interested in the marketing and distribution of local products. To further assist the farmers in their work, a Hydroger is being installed to provide electricity in the farming areas. There will also be skill-building programs for the farmers assisted by ICAR.

Important Dates

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Chief Mentor - The Entrepreneur


Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar is a Member of Parliament (RS) and an Entrepreneur


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