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Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Chairman, Jupiter Capital and Founder, BPL Mobile

An undergraduate in electrical engineering and a Masters in Computer Science from Illinois Technology Institute, Chicago, Rajeev spent several years in the US as a technology geek – from being a systems engineer on one of the first multiprocessing UNIX operating systems to design engineer on the first 32 bit microprocessor 80486, and then a CPU architect on the legendary Pentium at Intel. Indeed, Rajeev’s initials along with other designers are embedded in each of 486 chips. He calls this stint at Intel his defining years as he was witness and participant to the building of the Internet and technology world as we know it today.

In 1991, Rajeev chose to come back to India after chance meetings with the then young minister Rajesh Pilot. As an accidental entrepreneur, he was amongst the first to launch cellular mobile services in India by founding and building BPL mobile in 1995, building out in those the largest greenfield mobile network - at a time when both market and capital was scarce. Ten years on after two near bankruptcies, he sold his company in the then largest domestic M&A valued at over 1 billion dollars.

Rajeev founded Jupiter Capital in 2005, an investment firm - which currently manages a portfolio of over 800 million. Over the last 5 years, Jupiter Capital has invested, acquired and built out ventures in partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky/ Star, Government of Singapore’s Neptune Orient Lines, and international leaders like Airbus, Thales, in areas ranging from entertainment, media, transportation infrastructure, hospitality and technology.

In 2006, he was elected as an Independent MP to the Rajya Sabha and has been very active in Parliament on issues ranging from Governance reforms, policy making, Internet freedom to national security, welfare of the armed forces personnel and sustainable city building in Bangalore. In April 2012, he was unanimously re-elected for a second sixyear term in Parliament.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar is the Chairman of the National Military Memorial Committee. Bangalore will become the first city to have India’s National Military Memorial, post Independence.

Through his foundation - Rajeev Chandrasekhar Foundation – Rajeev focuses on supporting education programs in urban areas and providing housing and other infrastructure in rural areas of Karnataka.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar is the Chairman of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, a non-profit organisation that actively works with citizens, RWAs and Civic Organisations of Bangalore to make the city a Better Bangalore and is the Founder& Principal Donor of the Flags of Honour Foundation – that supports martyrs families and serves as a platform for citizens who seek to help families of martyrs.

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