CAAYE facilitates e-coaching for participants

The Youth Employment Network (YEN) is a partnership of the United Nations, the International Labour Organization and the World Bank, set up after the Millennium Summit in 2001 to find new and durable solutions to the youth employment challenge.

In May 2012, the YEN Marketplace launched the E-Coaching programme for young entrepreneurs (16-35). The E-Coaching programme matches experienced E-Coaches to young entrepreneurs based on the mentor's area of expertise, type of industry, location, language and time availability. E-coaches provide guidance and advice to young entrepreneurs and accompany them through the process of setting up their business and finding solutions to specific business challenges.

CAAYE, as a Pipeline Partner for the YEN Marketplace programme, has offered to introduce Youthnet's young entrepreneurs to the year-long e-coaching programme. This will ensure that Youthnet's entrepreneurs gain access to coaches who have been approved by the YEN Marketplace in various areas of specialization. The Marketplace also allows entrepreneurs worldwide to connect with their peers who are also part of this programme.

In addition to the E-Coaching programme, young entrepreneurs have access to the following YEN Marketplace services:

·         Trading Centre: Take advantage of offers and requests in the Trading Centre.

·         Recommended Resources: Make use of our resource library to learn more about project       management,     financing opportunities, training and other opportunities.

·         Forum for Entrepreneurs: Seek advice from other entrepreneurs on marketing, management, finance, import       and export, etc. by engaging in the forum for entrepreneurs.

·         Working groups: Improve your organization's communication and planning tools by using the task       manager, calendar, documents and blog in your own working group.

Acceptance into this programme is subject to due diligence by CAAYE and the YEN.

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