"If only we can focus on our agriculture produce from rural areas

and let it reach markets on time"

- Pangsha Chingmak, speaking to the Governor about the conditions of roads and connectivity issues which prevent rural farmers in the interior regions of Nagaland from earning through even the nearest towns.

"I'm excited about the future. 5 years from now i want to look back

and talk about some of the problems we've solved."

- Oren Ovung, speaking to the Governor about how there are more and more educated and smart youngsters who are aware of issues plaguing Naga society and considering entrepreneurship as a solution to many problems

"The perception of Nagaland hasn't changed in the past 20 years.

Marketing Nagaland as an unsafe place is wrong. Visitors have

always been surprised by how safe it is."

- Mhachamo Kithan, sharing ideas about how much potential Nagaland has for tourism.

"Government teachers shouldn't be proud of their profession

when they hire proxy teachers in their place. They are ruining our


- Zuboni Humtsoe, speaking to the Governor about how many well-educated Nagas holding lucrative teacher posts in government schools ironically hamper education themselves.