Impact 5000 by 18

As an important step to address the urgency of the need of a healthier and stronger private sector, Youthnet in partnership with the Government of Nagaland has initiated a program called Impact 5000 by 18 which aims to positively impact 5000 young people involved in the private sector by the year 2018. The program will strive to foster a healthy private sector and thereby facilitate socio-economic prosperity of the youth and the state. Those impacted would have enhanced their business skills, employability skills and developed entrepreneurial mindsets.


The program is guided by the Government of Nagaland's vision to create and build socio-economic prosperity for the youth and an entrepreneurial culture in the State.


This program's objectives are:

1. To help equip existing young entrepreneurs with business skills and knowledge.

2. To enhance the employability skills of the workforce who can be employed in the private sector.

3. To shape entrepreneurial mindsets among young people and educate them about the importance of a vibrant private sector for socio-economic prosperity.

4. To identify and mould role models who can become not only key job creators in the economy but who can create value with available resources.

5. To impact 5000 young lives involved in the private sector by the year 2018.


The planned activities include skill development in the agro sector, fine arts, handloom, handicrafts, livestock rearing, business and entrepreneurship development.

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